Friday, July 10, 2009

Flying High Now

This is my imitation of Rocky's happy sense of accomplishment dance in the movie Rocky. I feel a happy sense of accomplishment after putting up my indoor booth (actually part of a Trimline tent from Flourish Company with mesh walls and gallery covers all by myself in my driveway. I hung one picture (not mine, which I am standing in front of) to see how that works. I have alot of framing to do yet to hang mine. It may be quite elementary -- but for right now I am "flying high now".


  1. Congrats, Angela... I admire you.
    I know selling work like this is probably the best way to get "out there" but it's not for me... Some people enjoy it and have the strength and energy to do the labor involved... I don't.

    I just visited your site and the two paintings that you have posted are absolutely gorgeous... YOU will do very well!!

    Thanks for the kind words... I am feeling better. Thank goodness for supporting people, a great family and good health coverage!!

  2. Love your positivity and energy! Great art work too so looking forward to seeing more... and welcome to the world of art blogging:) r.

  3. Thank you very much, Marian and Rahina, for stopping by and for the encouraging remarks.



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